Cowell Auto Group Takes Measures To Reduce Carbon Footprint

cowell measures to reduce carbon footprint

From the ground up, Cowell Auto Group's new Jaguar Land Rover of Richmond building has been constructed with the environment in mind. Looking to reduce our carbon footprint, a number of measures were implemented in order to decrease our environmental impact.

Before starting construction on the new buildings, we had to demolish the existing structure. From that structure, we recycled over 90 per cent of the materials including reusing the concrete and asphalt to support the building footings. Taking the Lower Mainland's rainy climate into consideration, our parking lots have permeable pavement which slows water runoff from the parking lot and allows for a gradual return of rainwater into the ground. But, you won't have to worry about rain when visiting us for sales or service. A covered entry way was constructed on both buildings to ensure our customers are provided with a different, yet comfortable shopping experience

In order to reduce energy consumption by more than 30 per cent, each building has Low-E Glass &

LED Lighting. LED lights use 80 per cent less energy, give off 80 per cent less heat and last up to 100,000 hours. Currently, our lighting lasts up to 20,000 hours, but dims over time. In our new building you will not have to worry about dimming lights because LED retains 90 per cent of its light output over its lifespan. Step into our showroom to see these lights in actions; lighting from every side gives you the best view of every curve and angle our vehicles have to offer.

We also took measure to improve energy efficiency in the building by upgrading our heating and air condition systems with high efficiency heat pumps and variable speed blower controls. Also, Heat Recovery Ventilator's (HRV's) were installed in the vehicle exhaust extraction system. So, any heat from the exhaust is recovered and reused in the buildings. This system brings fresh air into the Jaguar Land Rover of Richmond building while recovering up to 70 per cent of the exhaust heat.

Lastly, we made efforts to reduce our water consumption. We want to make sure all our vehicles are washed before leaving our lot, so a car wash is essential. Keeping the environment top of mind, we made sure our wash bays have one of the lowest water consumption per wash in the industry. On top of that, we recycle, treat and clean the wash water in order to further reduce our water consumption.

Through doing our part to reduce, reuse and recycle throughout the entire construction journey, Cowell Auto Group is able to create a meaningful difference for our employees and community. Our new homes are opening very soon, be sure to come by this summer to check them out!

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