Why Diesel Cars Are Still Worth it

There are a lot of questions surrounding diesel vehicles so we're here to address common questions and help you find the right car for you.

If you're a regular commuter and rack up lots of mileage on the motorway, then diesel is probably the best choice for you. If you mainly drive short distances you should consider petrol, electric and hybrids.

Buying a new diesel car could be better for you if you drive over 19,000km a year because a diesel vehicle may be more environmentally-friendly with better fuel economy than a petrol car, depending on the types of journeys you take.

New diesel is not ideal on short journeys because it might not be fully fuel efficient. The diesel particulate filter (DPF) doesn't get hot enough which means it can't clean the particles it collects. This leads to the filter clogging up and reducing the vehicle's power.

The newest diesels are the cleanest ever and all of our Jaguar Land Rover diesel vehicles comply with the very latest EU6 standards. Read more about EU6 emissions standards.Jaguar Diesel Cars


New diesel cars are much cleaner than ever before because of the Euro standards. Since 1992, the European Union has been restricting vehicle emissions to reduce carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons,and particulate matter.

From Euro 1 through to the current Euro 6 (EU6d), targets have continually lowered, with each car manufactured and sold today prohibited to exceed 0.08g/km of nitrogen oxide, compared to the maximum limits of 0.18g/km in 2011 (a reduction of 56%) and 0.97g/km in 1993.

All our Jaguar Land Rover vehicles are fitted with a diesel particulate filter which captures 99% of all particulates. This means emissions from new diesel Jaguars and Land Rovers are comparable to petrol for emissions, but with around 15% lower CO2 emissions and about 25% better fuel efficiency than their petrol equivalents - making our vehicles cheaper to run. new  diesel  cars


Now that new diesel technology is so advanced that it has about 25% better fuel consumption and around 15% less CO2 compared to petrol. More, it can be argued that new diesel has the same life expectancy as petrol. Our latest engines are amongst the cleanest in the world and meet the new regulated laboratory and real world tests (WLTP and RDE).

New diesel and petrol will be the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient choices for some time while the electric infrastructure is being developed around the world.Jaguar Land Rover's future is electric. From 2020, every new Jaguar or Land Rover will have the option of electrification. There's already the all-electric Jaguar I-PACE which has been awarded a five-star safety rating by Euro NCAP, named European Car of the Year and Sunday Times Green Car of the Year and won the Norwegian and German Car of the Year titles.

Alongside our dedication for electrification, we continue to invest and refine to improve our new diesel and petrol engines. This is because in the interim, petrol or new diesel will remain the right choice for many drivers and these engines are required for a seamless transition to an electrified future.

There are also further improvements to traditional petrol and new diesel engines with the launch of mild hybrid (MHEV) technology.

There is also an option of a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) for the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. A PHEV combines a conventional engine with an electric motor and a battery. A PHEV is charged from an external power supply and selects and blends the engine and electric motor to deliver optimum performance and efficiency by using regenerative braking,


To answer the question "Is it worth buying a diesel car?" you need to think about what kind of journeys you do and consider the pros and cons. If you do more than 19,000 kilometres a year, it's worth thinking about diesel. It could be more cost effective and less polluting than getting a petrol car.

Will diesel have a life over the next few years? Yes. Although we are committed to an electric future, new diesel and petrol are necessary for many drivers around the world until the infrastructure is there to fully support electrification.

When it comes to pollution, every new diesel Jaguar and Land Rover meets or exceeds EU6 requirements. Jaguar Land Rover will continue to make new diesels even more technologically advanced and cleaner.

Land Rover of Richmond is proud to serve customers in Greater Vancouver including Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Delta, White Rock, and Tsawwassen.Please check out our grand selection of Land Rover diesel vehicles and Jaguar diesel vehicles and let us know if you have any questions!

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